Life in a vacant space…

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Despite the uncertainty of the future, new businesses are springing up and reaching out to new audiences, thanks to organisations such as ‘Life in Vacant Spaces’.  This morning, over a strong long black, I met an inspiring professional who has used his post-quake experiences to grab a chance to develop his own barista business in the city centre.  On purchasing his ‘box’, the challenge was on to find the right gap.  Now settled into his vacant space, this barista is keen to support the growth of Peterborough Street as a vibrant central hub.

NEWSFLASH: this month, along came a rather interesting ‘Micro-house’, made by new start-up business The Living Box Ltd, and here started my creative dialogue with ‘Life in Vacant Spaces’.  The current make-shift artisan quarters of the Arts Centre (Arts Central) also resides within this square, nestled beside a delicious array of lunch-time treats, sculptural additions and al-fresco seating.  An inviting space, place, community to connect with – watch this space!


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